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Is to care for and repair their building and give it a function. A building that has a function also has a value.

We use environmentally friendly materials that guarantee a good living environment and healthy houses.

As a reseller of Isocell's products, we are happy to help you find the right solutions to make your particular house work.

We bring home tablecloths, tapes and insulation materials to order.

We also work with companies that blow cellulose insulation to be able to offer a complete solution even if you want to do some of the work yourself.

We have a solid education and extensive experience in building maintenance and restoration.

Birchbark roof with roof wood

Birchbark was for a long time a material used for roofing, however, birchbark is sensitive to sunshine and would like to curl if it is not pressed onto the roof.

This has been solved in different ways over time.

In the forest area where the few open grass areas were needed for the animals' grazing, so-called roof wood was used. It usually consisted of suppressed (densely grown) spruce that was either used round or split into quarters.

The wood was laid with the top up with every other faith in each roof pitch. Then the root ends lie largely against each other at the eaves and thus protect the fist.


In more fertile landscapes, the roofs were often covered with peat, that is, the grass cover with root systems that reinforced so that the soil would not run off in the event of rain. The first layer was laid with the grass down so that the soil would not come into direct contact with the bark and the upper layer with the grass up to get a protective surface.


The bark was laid equally in both cases with a proper overlap so it forms about 5-7 layers.

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