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Lyfta och Laga Timmerhus

Stock exchange in log house

Where the limit goes for when it is time to change instead of repairing a log in a wall varies depending on the building's function and also antiquarian value should be considered.

We prefer to work with fixed prices for timber repairs. This is so that you as a customer do not have to pay for more than you receive.

The guide price for carpentry / stock exchange is SEK 1,400 / lpm. This with some reservation for the size of the object and the scope of the repairs.

Repairing a log house

It can be poor drainage, damage to the ceiling and facade, among other things. Yes, there are many reasons why log houses get settlements and rot damage.

In most cases, the building can be saved by straightening it and replacing the damaged parts with fresh wood.

We mainly lift with pneumatic cushions that provide a large installation area and much safer lifting than just jacks.

If you just want help with the lift, there is no problem.

Change timber yourself?

We are often asked how difficult it is to change a log in a log house yourself?

If you only know what you are doing, it is not difficult, so we usually recommend taking a timber ring course to gain an understanding of how the principles of timber ringing are.

If you do not have the time to take a timbering course, we offer a slimmed-down fact-packed course in the form of a web course you can watch whenever you want on your own computer at home on the sofa. There you get an overview of the basics of knot timbering and which tools are used.

Many times, as a customer, you want to be involved and learn before future repairs, something we do not mind.

A large part of working with building maintenance is to inform others about what values ​​we should cherish and that knowledge gives increased respect for our craft.

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